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Level 4, 264 Swanston Street


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Mon - Sun: 2pm to 3am

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Take a peek inside and see if this bar is "just right" for you!

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What will you fill your basket with; cocktails, wines and so much more. Our picnic hamper is open 'til late with some drinks to accompany you'll be sure to find what you're looking for.

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Rooftop Now Open!

Our wonderful rooftop bar is open just in time for Summer.

Goldilocks Bar “All those who wander are not lost.”

Goldilocks takes its cues from the wonder and excitement of fables and fairy tales. Exploration, fun, adventure and curiosity are the keys we've been given to unlock the joy that comes with fine food and cocktails.Our lists will forever be changing in order to add to theadventure and keep our staff sharp and thinking of the possibilities that may lie hidden around each corner.

Every single staff member has contributed to the drinks menu, and we are willing and able to talk you through some of the famous classic cocktails we know and love. If you are still unable to decide – challenge us! We are constantly working on new drinks and inspiration strikes at a moment’s notice! Chef Katie Marron has created some tantalising picnic baskets to fortify your journey; delicious treats to accompany you down the untrodden path to new adventures.

Here’s to you, and everything being juuuuust right!  The Goldilocks Team